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newHere is the queue for all the videos from the series "Differences between men and women regarding RC hobby". Check them out, and have fun.

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Hello, welcome to This website has a unique story (that you can read below) and it's entirely dedicated to hobbies. If you landed here it's because probably we share a passion, and we hope you join us.
For the time being we are sharing only two hobbies (subject to additions anytime), each has its particular look and menu. Visit:

  • RC Hobby - If, like Nelson, you are one of "Those magnificent men in their flying [RC] machines", this is your place. Click here to see videos, share information, give or get tips or simply enjoy the RC hobby.
  • Photography Hobby - If your heart is attached to a lens, and instead of beating it clicks, join Adriana in this link.
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The story behind the TrueWinds page

At first we just needed a decent email address, and for that we decided to have a domain. Then we had to choose the domain’s name and what to do with it. That was tricky, and here is the story:
By definition True Wind is “the speed and direction of the actual wind as if the vessel is not moving” meaning that, if we were vessels, where the wind would be taking us if nothing else interfered. Clearly, shouldn’t we need to work, we would be doing what we love! Passions are true winds, in our case, our hobbies.
We have many of them, we “tack” a lot, but for now let’s start only with two. Please come along, and participate in blogs, with tips, and funny stories!
So “close haul” and lets go upwind together! Weight anchor!

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