About us

You don't really want to know about us, do you? Just in case you do, here are few lines about who we are:


Nelson - Crazy about anything that flies, Nelson is an IT technician with more than 10 years of experience. Although he loves computer and his work, nothing compares to his love for airplanes.
Born in Brazil, he served the Brazilian Air Force for four years. It was only when he arrived in the United States in 2006 that he had the chance to really embrace his true passion for RC. He started it all with a self promise of keeping the hobby out-of-pocket under $100.00 dollars. Promises, promises.


Adriana - A classic case of a professional that snoops in every area, she is an economist that became a business analyst.
Her true winds always drove her to photography. It all started when at 16 her father gave her a very old Contaflex, her first camera. She started clicking and never managed to stop. She won few contests (Discovery Channel and IDB's to name a few), but never really understood how the judges evaluate a photo. She hates contests, and photographs for the mere challenge of having the best picture she can get out of something really ordinary.
Oh, Yes! She is very purist about her photos, and try to keep away from photo editors.

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